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10/21/2014 12:59 PM
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Often overlooked and always in abundance at most animal shelters,
we wanted to find a way to honor these beauties
and to draw more attention to their plight.
That's why we've created
The Black Cat Society.

Ticketypoo Shelf

If you've been fortunate enough to have ever been owned by a black cat, you'll probably never need a reason as to why you should share their life with yet another one. Life just wouldn't be the same without one, would it?

However - just in case you've never considered the advantages of opening your heart and home to one of these black beauties, the current members of the Grayson County Black Cat Society are listed below, along with what they think are just some of the benefits to you for doing so.

Please also take a minute to read the very important announcement from the Grayson Humane Chapter of the World Assembly of the Black Cat Society - it can be found just below the photos of all of the current members.

Simply click on the photo to go to that cat's main web page.

We're VERY inspirational! So many things have been named after us
- comic book characters, movies, song lyrics, a Paris cabaret, wine,
the title of one of Edgar Allen Poe's famous short stories, blogs, and the list goes on and on.
Let us bring some "cat creativity" to your life.


We'll hide all of those little annoying Oreo cookie crumbs
if you let us sit on your lap while you're eating them.
No one but us will ever have to know
that you just indulged in a treat or two.


With a face and name like mine,
do you REALLY need another reason???




When the power fails and it's midnight,
aren't we ALL black cats any ways?


Mrs. Sparklenose
Perhaps the French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir said it best,
"I've been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black."


A black diamond is far more rare than a white one!




Turkey 2-11
True love knows no color, and our beauty lasts a LOT longer than your Halloween pumpkins! 


We'll still love you, even on your darkest days.


We don't care what color YOUR hair is!


Proclamation from the Grayson Humane Chapter
of the World Assembly of the Black Cat Society:

Hear ye, hear ye, let it be known by all black cats and by all the slavish human followers of the Black Cat Society that the following changes have been made in the lofty and grand Executive Council of the Black Cat Society (hereinafter referred to as "the Society" for all the humans who require simplicity in communications from the cat world).

His Grand Imperial Excellency, Caraway, has been named Chief Executive Meower of the Executive Council. All favors, catnip and treats will be administered from The Chief Executive Meower's office. Grand Imperial Excellency Caraway vows to be a kind, compassionate and loving benevolent dictator.

Alternate Chief Executive Meower and faithful Grand Assistant and Scribe shall be Zatanna, known to all black cats in the Grayson Humane Chapter as a purrfectly graceful, astute and kind feline lady. Zatanna shall be taking a paws-on approach to dispensing favors and maintaining the peace and decorum of the cat room.

Honorary Chief Executive Meower of the Executive Council of the Grayson Humane Chapter of the world assembly of The Black Cat Society shall be the renowned, sweet and affable Turkey, feared and revered by all cats in catdom.

Last, but far from least, Mrs. Sparkenose will be taking over as Grand Sergeant-at-arms to maintain order at meetings and deal with some of the unruly, sassy and occasionally misbehaving young Turks in the Grayson Chapter of "the Society."

Let this important bulletin be posted on the door of the cat room so all lessor cats might tremble at the sight of these VIMS ("Very Important Meows"). The human "caretakers and servants" will of course be expected to bow in the presence of these high officials.

End of proclamation......