213 William Thomason Byway
Leitchfield, KY 42754
(270) 230-8839
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10/21/2014 12:59 PM
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We're a VERY rescue-friendly shelter! 

Reputable rescue groups are always welcome to help us save our animals. One of our volunteers recently described our current situation best when she said, "We can't continue to be low-kill if we're full. We're not asking rescues to take dogs or cats that have issues or need assistance getting over life in the shelter or that don't get along with other dogs, cats, and/or small children. We're asking them to take the no-big-problems dogs or cats, while we continue to try to find the right home for the others."

If you can help rescue even one of the Grayson dogs or cats, please contact us ASAP either via email at GraysonHumane@gmail.com or via telephone at 270-230-8839. Rescues that are new to working with us can either fill out an online rescue application that can be found by clicking here or they would need to submit a list of their vet references, rescue references, an outline of their adoption policies, and reason(s) why they would ever euthanize a pet.


Rescuing from this shelter is a great deal on many levels. TRANSPORT IS USUALLY AVAILABLE (often to Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and sometimes even Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont) -- PLEASE JUST ASK!!!


Grayson Transport


Vetting costs are also relatively low and reimbursement is never asked for anything beyond what is expended for such costs. Current vetting costs are approximately:

Cat neuter -

Rabies vaccine (cats & dogs) -

HW, Lyme, and Erlichia test (dogs) -
$10-$30 for heartworm only; $50 for 4-way

Cat spay -

Combo viral vaccines (cats & dogs) -

FeLV/FIV test (cats) -

$17-$45, varies by veterinary clinic

Dog neuter -

Bordetella vaccine (cats & dogs) -

Health certificate (cats & dogs) -

$10-$25, varies by veterinary clinic

Dog spay -

Puppy vaccines -





Everything possible is also done to minimize the spread of disease or illness at the shelter. Dogs are held in their run for 10 days after they arrive. If they appear to be healthy for those 10 days and after they receive their shots and wormer, then they can go play in one of the three fenced-in fields while their kennel is being cleaned. Puppies DO NOT leave their run or touch the ground ANYWHERE until they've had their entire series of puppy vaccines; they're also wormed several times after they arrive. The volunteers use bleach foot baths and hand washing. They also have different boots to wear in the puppy runs than in the rest of the facility and they use a combination of bleach sanitizing days and trifectant sanitizing days.

We'll also test any animal you're interested in rescuing or adopting with other dogs, cats, kids, food - WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the information you need to decide to save them. We'll ALWAYS go the extra mile to help these precious furbabes. AGAIN - PLEASE JUST ASK!!!