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10/21/2014 12:59 PM
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Would you like to volunteer your time and talents?

You DON'T need to live near the shelter to do so.....

The Grayson County Humane Society only has FOUR main volunteers that donate their time on a fairly regular basis to tend to the current "residents" at the Leitchfield City Animal Shelter. As there are usually well over 150 animals to tend to on a daily basis, we're in SERIOUS need of additional onsite volunteers to lend a hand. If you're interested in helping, please fill out the volunteer application online and one of our other volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Below is just a brief list of some of the projects we'd LOVE to have your help with. It might not be glamorous work, but it certainly is appreciated, especially by the dogs, cats, and other "critters" that are in search of loving belly rubs, reassuring words whispered in their ear, and days filled with joyful play sessions.

  • Bathe dogs
  • Clean cages and kennels
  • Drive animals to their vet appointments
  • Gather aluminum cans, old cell phones, and empty ink cartridges for recycling reimbursement
  • Help do the laundry
  • Help us prepare for spay and neuter clinic days
  • Help us transport animals to rescue organizations
  • Play with the dogs and cats
  • Socialize the dogs and cats
  • Walk dogs (perhaps even to the park and back)
  • Work on various fundraising events

If you don't live near the shelter, but you'd like to help our pets, as well as us, we can also use your help with the following projects:

  • Become a fan of our Facebook Group page, Facebook Fan page, Facebook Cause page, or MySpace page for the Grayson County Humane Society, as well as our Friends of Grayson County Humane Society Yahoo group to keep up on our current needs and planned events. We're also now on Twitter!
  • Purchase an item on our Amazon.com Wish List. Choose from various medications, supplements, toys, food, and miscellaneous other items.
  • Donate a Drs. Foster and Smith "Paws for A Cause" gift certificate directly to the shelter by simply clicking here or on the banner provided below. All of the shelter information has been "pre-filled" in a custom Gift Certificate order form, so all you need to do is to enter the amount of your generous donation and then checkout. Your gift will help provide essential healthcare, medications, and comfort to animals in need while they wait for their new home.
  • Donate the UPC codes (and your register receipt as proof-of-purchase) from Natural Balance bagged pet food, case(s) of canned food, and/or 2.5 or 4 pound rolls. We can cash them in as part of the Natural Balance Nonprofit Charity Rebate Program. Click here for more details.
  • Donate your old cell phones and empty ink cartridges to us for recycling reimbursement
  • Donate your Pepsi and Coke points, Nestle Pure Water labels, Campbell soup labels, Box Tops for Education, Purina weight circles, Fresh Step cat litter Paw Points, and Cloud Star points as we cash them in for items we can either use or auction off at fundraisers
  • Help us transport animals to rescue organizations
  • If you're in the market for 100% USA-made rawhides (or other various USA-made pet supplies including food, treats, supplements, and odor/stain removing products), consider placing an online order with US Bones.com. Simply select Grayson County Humane Society, KY as the "recipient organization" and 25% of the value of your order will be donated directly to us. If you're wondering if this is a good company to deal with, here's a testimonial from a Grayson supporter that recently (7/08) ordered from them, "I just received my order from USBones and I'm very happy with everything! It's not just for dogs; there are plenty of cat items available. I've had difficulty finding rawhides and other items made in the USA when shopping the local pet stores, so the dogs are very happy that I found this site. I found the prices reasonable and the order was shipped promptly. They accept credit cards, paypal payments and also checks."
  • Purchase magazines and/or renew subscriptions via this website - you can select from more than 650 magazines at savings up to 85% off newsstand prices and up to 40% of your purchase will go directly to the Grayson County Humane Society/SPCA
  • Sponsor pets at the shelter (refer to the "Sponsor" section listed below for details)
  • Spread the word about our shelter by passing along our web site link
  • Use either the iSearchiGive or the GoodSearch web site to conduct your online searches and specify the Grayson County Humane Society as the cause you iSearch or GoodSearch for. The more you search, the more money we make. As both web sites are powered by Yahoo!, you still get great search results. It won't cost you anything to use either site, but it will help to raise some much-needed and very-appreciated funds for us.
  • Use the GoodShop site if you'd rather shop than search. With more than 500 stores, if you specify the Grayson County Humane Society as the cause you GoodShop for, the Society will receive a donated percentage of your purchase price. In that case, you end up giving two presents with the purchase of one - a double bang for your buck!!
  • Use the iGive site to shop online at yet another 700 stores. If new members sign-up, choose the Grayson County Humane Society as their "cause," and make a purchase within 45 days of joining, we'll receive an extra $5.00. Please use this referred friends link when/if you do join.

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Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to volunteer in other ways.