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Rainbow Bridge
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Betty Boop
From Betty's foster mom: "Little Betty Boop passed away on Saturday, and I cried my eyes out for her... She was fighting to the end and had a very strong will to live, but her body just could not support it, so... she went peacefully, but it's a very small consolation, I wish she lived a long life, I wish... *sigh*" Little Betty left a huge pawprint on our hearts - even though she was a tiny cuddly girl... Rest in peace, sweetheart, we love you forever.

RIP, Shalimar. When Shalimar first came into the shelter, she was very unhappy to the point that it was thought she might be feral, but that did not last long. When she was sent her for her spay, it was determined that she had already been spayed, so she had definitely been someone's cat... Alas, no one came looking for her, and Shalimar spent the next year and a half at the shelter, cared for, but without her very own loving human.... She was a very affectionate girl, and I believe that her body gave up as her hope of being loved by her family dwindled. Shalimar died of a broken heart that it was too late to mend.

Poor Lionheart arrived at the shelter with a number of physical problems. Although he was given more medical care than many pets are ever blessed to receive, his health continued to decline. He still played and ate and had quite a bit of fun until the very end of February, 2011. When he was no longer having fun or comfortable, he was assisted to the Bridge at the vet's office with a shelter volunteer lovingly by his side until the very end.

Callie (originally named Pilar) arrived at the shelter in 2008 as one of Valentina's babies. She was adopted out, only to be returned in January, 2011. This time, she unfortunately didn't make it out alive as she passed away just a few weeks later.

Yvette was fortunate to be adopted into a home that had a number of Grayson "alumni." Sadly, their family home caught on fire on December 29th, 2010. While Yvette initially survived such a tragedy, it was then determined that she had been burned too badly so she was humanely euthanized. May she now rest in peace with her dearest Grayson pal, Jessup, who predeceased her by just a few weeks.

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